Whether you know it or not, there are probably already a number of teams operating within your company. When groups of people have to report to one boss, they tend to form an allegiance within that framework and, consciously or otherwise, a team is built. You’ll find that behind each of your heads of department is a team. On one hand, this can be a great thing – a unit of people working towards a common goal.

However, it can also encourage the formation of cliques and complicate internal structuring. The greater goal in which all departments work together can often be lost. In this instance, teams become known as ‘team islands’. Personal injury training can be a fun and important way of making sure each department doesn’t become entirely insular, and it’s a chance to build bridges between ‘team islands’ that may have formed.

Meet the Team

As teams develop, so too does competition. Inter-departmental competition can be a very healthy thing, giving each group pride in their own department and boosting the desire to shine. However, competition can also promote bad feeling between groups and the aspiration to be the better team can impact negatively on work. Corners may be cut, morale can decrease and relationships can sour. Personal injury training can give your teams a sense of unity and help them to remember that they are component parts within a bigger picture.

Team building doesn’t have to be a ‘stand alone’ service. It can be delivered to your staff as an integral part of any legal training event. Most personal injury training firms are happy to integrate team building into their programmes, giving you the chance to refresh your staffs’ knowledge of the industry in which they work and to give them a greater understanding of the roles other departments play within your firm.

It’s a Team Sport

A company functions best when all the teams within its structure have an overview of the company and its aims. Personal injury training can help you to identify:

● The goals of the team and goals of the company

● The issues that are preventing those goals being reached

● The best way to address those issues and remove any inhibiting factors

Many training events have quizzes or physical challenges built in to their presentations as a way to reinforce the retention of new information. As a side-benefit, this can also help to promote greater teamwork within your company – especially if team islands are broken down for the day. By mixing staff with other groups who they don’t normally work with, they will each get a greater understanding of how the other groups work and develop better working relationships.

While healthy inter-departmental competition can have positive effects, it is important that teams learn to rely on each other as well as strive to outshine each other. When teams are less like islands and are able to interact freely for the good of the company, the benefits will be felt across the board.

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    The problem when attending any personal injury legal training course is knowing whether you are actually going to learn anything new or find a different perspective, or whether you will just hear the same things that you have heard many, many times before.

    The good news with MASS Training is that you know it is always going to be the former case. MASS’ courses are practical, informative and excellent value for money. My staff always come back feeling inspired and energised by having their existing knowledge and expertise confirmed, but also by picking up some new practical steps that they can immediately implement to make them more efficient in their day to day tasks.

    I have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in wholeheartedly recommending MASS Training to anyone looking for Personal Injury Training. It is the best training available.

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    If they are not currently running a course covering the area of law that they are interested I know that if I suggest it to them they will be happy to prepare a course for us either in-house or generally within a matter of weeks.

    We have in the past, and continue to, send our staff on the MASS Diploma Course, an excellent opportunity to develop essential skills and understanding for running RTA matters. If you are not yet ensuring your staff attend MASS Training courses, you are missing out on some of the best Personal Injury Training available.

    Very informative. Easy to understand. Not a typical course which you can easily lose concentration

    Thoroughly enjoyed it! It was both informative and practical, the fact it was quite hands on and interactive made the subject matter come to life and the topic elements sink in to some sort of structure! I feel like I actually understand some of the fundamental elements

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