Even when times are hard financially, training is essential for any law firm that wants to keep up with current developments in the sector and stay competitive. Though it may be tempting to cut out training altogether for a while to trim back your budget, a far better option in both the long and short-term is to train smarter and more cost-effectively.

Completely abandoning training, or even substantially decreasing it, is seldom a wise move and is usually counter-productive. For example, staff who lack recent training are at risk of stagnating and even falling behind on current developments in law. Their morale may also suffer, as they may perceive that the company doesn’t care about developing them, or that it is getting ‘behind the times’. Avoidable (potentially costly) mistakes may occur that could damage your reputation, and productivity may suffer. In short, cutting your training can cost more than it saves.

Why in-house legal training may be your ideal solution

So how can you cut your costs without cutting out your training? One popular solution is in-house legal training. Because there are no additional travel costs to pay out for, it can really help you to streamline your training budget without losing anything in terms of quality. On top of this, doing your legal training in-house rather than at an external training centre means less down-time and upheaval.

In fact, in-house training is often a better solution in more ways than just cost-saving. Many people learn better in familiar environments, and are more likely to be able to give the training their full attention if they haven’t just driven two hours to get there.

The easier logistics of in-house legal training may also mean that you’re able to save additional money by training all your staff at one time, rather than sporadically in smaller groups or as individuals.

On the other hand, by carefully selecting which departments and employees specifically need training, you can put your money where it is most needed, and help to keep training costs low.

Investing in the future

As well as the direct cost savings enabled by in-house training, it’s also important to remember that any training is itself an investment in your company that will ultimately pay dividends. This is particularly true if you use it to expand into a lucrative area of law that you have previously not been active in, such as personal injury law.

Every year, thousands of Britons are injured in accidents which were not their fault, and need professional legal help to get the compensation that they are entitled to. Personal injury training can help your firm to tap into this market more effectively, and ensure that your staff are up to speed with current best practices.

Finally, when weighing the cost of training against the need to save money, it’s worth taking a moment to consider the little, less obvious benefits that it can bring. In-house legal training can boost morale, improve teamwork, reduce errors and generally keep your legal team in good shape, so from many managers’ perspectives it’s a cost worth paying.

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    The problem when attending any personal injury legal training course is knowing whether you are actually going to learn anything new or find a different perspective, or whether you will just hear the same things that you have heard many, many times before.

    The good news with MASS Training is that you know it is always going to be the former case. MASS’ courses are practical, informative and excellent value for money. My staff always come back feeling inspired and energised by having their existing knowledge and expertise confirmed, but also by picking up some new practical steps that they can immediately implement to make them more efficient in their day to day tasks.

    I have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in wholeheartedly recommending MASS Training to anyone looking for Personal Injury Training. It is the best training available.

    MASS Training provide excellent content. The fact that they are in the main practising solicitors or legal executives means that not only do they fully understand their specialist subject matter, but they also know how to use this knowledge in the day to day running of their case load.

    If they are not currently running a course covering the area of law that they are interested I know that if I suggest it to them they will be happy to prepare a course for us either in-house or generally within a matter of weeks.

    We have in the past, and continue to, send our staff on the MASS Diploma Course, an excellent opportunity to develop essential skills and understanding for running RTA matters. If you are not yet ensuring your staff attend MASS Training courses, you are missing out on some of the best Personal Injury Training available.

    Very informative. Easy to understand. Not a typical course which you can easily lose concentration

    Thoroughly enjoyed it! It was both informative and practical, the fact it was quite hands on and interactive made the subject matter come to life and the topic elements sink in to some sort of structure! I feel like I actually understand some of the fundamental elements

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