What’s Your Learning Style?

The subject of adult learning styles has been (and continues to be) the focus of much research by scientists and psychologists. As such, there are various theories relating to the topic. One of the most popular is the ‘VARK’ model, which is an acronym for visual, auditory, reading/writing and kinesthetic learning styles. So, which learning style are you?

The VARK learning model


Visual learners are best served when information is depicted through tools such as charts, graphs and diagrams. It is not the same as seeing something written down in word or photo format (this would appeal more to reading/writing learners). Rather, visual learners like information to be presented via graphics.


Auditory learnings are best served when they hear information. This might involve listening to someone else deliver a speech, lecture or lesson, or it might involve the individual reciting information aloud to themselves (or even to other people). This means that auditory learners enjoy traditional classroom teaching and group discussions.

Reading and writing

Reading and writing learners are best served when they can read or write information down. This means interacting with words in some way, such as reading a presentation, manual or textbook, and writing notes while training is being delivered. They will also like to annotate handouts and participate in written/reading learning devices such as quizzes.


Kinesthetic learners are best served when they can physically practise or perform the information being taught, and/or when they can apply information to real life. So, kinesthetic learners will enjoy hands-on exercises such as role play. They will also gain benefit from case studies and simulations, as it demonstrates how the information fits into reality.

Adapting to your learning style

The VARK model is just one of many theories regarding adult learning styles. However, most people identify with at least one of the learning styles mentioned above, or even with a number of them. This is not unusual, and often people say that while they like to listen or write things down, they also gain great benefit from interacting with practical examples. What's Your Learning Style?

At MASS Training we appreciate that everyone has their own preference, which is why our training sessions are catered towards different learning styles. We do not provide lecture-style teaching, as this would alienate kinesthetic and visual learners. That being said, we do not spend the whole session on case studies either!

Rather, we incorporate a range of learning techniques to ensure that everyone gets the most out of their legal training. We have adapted our approach based on feedback and scientific evidence to ensure delegates engage with the training and retain the information being passed on.

Nevertheless, it is always useful to know what type of learning style you prefer. This will allow you to prepare in advance and get the most out of your training. For instance, if you know that you are a reading/writing learner, then come prepared to take notes. Even if you are given a handout containing all the information, do not be afraid to engage with your learning style.

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    The problem when attending any personal injury legal training course is knowing whether you are actually going to learn anything new or find a different perspective, or whether you will just hear the same things that you have heard many, many times before.

    The good news with MASS Training is that you know it is always going to be the former case. MASS’ courses are practical, informative and excellent value for money. My staff always come back feeling inspired and energised by having their existing knowledge and expertise confirmed, but also by picking up some new practical steps that they can immediately implement to make them more efficient in their day to day tasks.

    I have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in wholeheartedly recommending MASS Training to anyone looking for Personal Injury Training. It is the best training available.

    MASS Training provide excellent content. The fact that they are in the main practising solicitors or legal executives means that not only do they fully understand their specialist subject matter, but they also know how to use this knowledge in the day to day running of their case load.

    If they are not currently running a course covering the area of law that they are interested I know that if I suggest it to them they will be happy to prepare a course for us either in-house or generally within a matter of weeks.

    We have in the past, and continue to, send our staff on the MASS Diploma Course, an excellent opportunity to develop essential skills and understanding for running RTA matters. If you are not yet ensuring your staff attend MASS Training courses, you are missing out on some of the best Personal Injury Training available.

    Very informative. Easy to understand. Not a typical course which you can easily lose concentration

    Thoroughly enjoyed it! It was both informative and practical, the fact it was quite hands on and interactive made the subject matter come to life and the topic elements sink in to some sort of structure! I feel like I actually understand some of the fundamental elements

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