Fraud, LVI, Whiplash Claims and the Civil Liability Bill: The future?




This is a Level 2: Experienced Practitioner webinar

With current focus on all things Whiplash related and the Civil Liability Bill having completed its Committee stage, this webinar looks at the proposed changes and the current environment for Whiplash Claims. Get up to date on the all the proposals and be aware of the areas of concern for all practitioners in RTA Soft Tissue Injury cases. What are the indicators of Fraud that the insurance industry look for, and what are the consequences of allegations of Dishonesty.

After watching our Webinar you will have learnt:

  • The insurance industry Fraud indicators
  • The possible consequences following a successful Fraud challenge
  • The sources of evidence to support Whiplash Claims
  • The proposals contained in the Civil Liability Bill and the latest exemptions from the Bill
  • The impact of a Discount Rate change

We will be discussing:

  • Fraud
    • Indicators
    • Consequences
    • LVI
    • Fundamental Dishonesty
  • Whiplash Claims
    • Evidence
    • Quantum
  • The Civil Liability Bill – Latest
    • Definition of “Whiplash”
    • Vulnerable Road users
    • Small Claims limit
    • Discount Rate Changes?

Book this Webinar if you want to be able to:

  • Make realistic assessments of risk in new Soft Tissue injury claims
  • Advise claimants on the possible consequences of a finding of Fraud
  • Present appropriate evidence to support Whiplash Claims
  • Advise the claimant on the realistic chances of success in Whiplash Claims
  • Adapt to the proposed changes introduced by the Civil Liability Bill
  • Advise claimants on the consequences of a Discount Rate change
  • Advise claimants on making and assessing Part 36 Offers


This webinar is now available as a recording and you can access it whenever you wish. The recording link can be accessed for a whole year after the initial presentation. Our delegates will also receive the power point presentation slides used by our trainer during the webinar presentation

Your Trainer:

NEW – Ogden: How to use the Supplementary Tables and Tables A-DNicky Carter is a self-employed Solicitor and Legal Trainer and has been delivering training for us since 2010.



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